Who We Are

A foundation in financial planning.

Juniper was borne into existence from a demand for straight-forward, unbiased financial planning services. We do not sell products. Ever. We are fiduciaries and we act in the best interest of our clients. Always.

One of the scariest thoughts you may have about retirement is wondering if you’ll be able to enjoy the same standard of living in retirement that you currently enjoy. We are experts in helping people plan for, transition to, and navigate through retirement. But it all starts with the Financial Dashboard Plan.

We can help manage your investments too.

After reviewing thousands of advisor statements, it became clear that not all of them work in the best interest of their clients. Juniper’s investment management services was formed as an alternative for expensive products, commissions, and layers of hidden fees.

We utilize mostly use low-cost, passive mutual funds with a competitive assets under management fee. We build well-diversified portfolios while focusing on regularly educating clients on the economic and geopolitical environment that their portfolios reside in. To give you a sense of the type of discussions we have with our clients, check out our Videos page.

About Julie

Julie A. PriceFinancial Planner

  • MBA, Master of Business Administration, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA
  • BBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, Financial Resource Management, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

Julie Price started Juniper as a Registered Investment Advisor in 2013 after working as a financial analyst contracted with Life Point Law. Prior to starting Juniper, Julie worked as an investment analyst at Russell Investments and as a consultant at Spectrum Pension Consultants.

Her 25-year background working with institutional investors, retirement plan sponsors, lawyers, and financial planning clients blends nicely to bring individuals, organizations, families, and closely-held businesses the high-quality, quality financial consulting services.

Why Juniper, the name? I get that question often. I adopted the name in 2015, mostly because I just liked the name. But when I got to thinking about it, I recalled the Juniper hedges in front of my family home. I always loved the summer production of the blueish-purple berry. My parents are both gone now, so I relish the trips down memory lane of my wonderful childhood and precious family.

When I worked with a designer to come up with a logo for my company, the Juniper berry was incorporated as the dot over the “i” in Juniper. Then the designer darkened the J and P in Juniper to highlight my initials. I really loved the logo design, but unbeknownst to the designer, I had been toying with the idea of going back to my maiden name, Enstrom. I had kept my married name to have the same name of my children, but they are now grown and it’s not as important to me now. But Juniper was meant for J.P., so I remained Julie Price.

Fast forward to 2018 when I met some folks who also had a surname that ended in “strom”. I mentioned how I thought that strom was like son in Johnson, meaning that Johnson is the son of John and maybe Enstrom was the son of En. But I learned that day that strom meant stream or river. Just like how Nordstrom means north stream, they said, Enstrom probably means En (whatever En means) + strom (stream), so they suggested that I look up what Enstrom means. So I did.

What did I discover? Sure enough, strom meant stream. But I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what En meant: Juniper. That’s right. My surname literally means, Juniper River. In an odd twist of fate, the name Juniper captures both my family name and my children’s’ name. Juniper was meant to be.