Our Process

The fear response associated with financial stress is akin to the response we feel when a predator is after us. We’ve all experience this fear – job changes, divorce, regrets. We equip people to combat that fear from every angle:

– PLANNING: Comprehensive financial planning is at our core. The Financial Dashboard Plan helps you plan for retirement and other life changes.

– EDUCATION: Knowledge is power and we believe the most successful investors are those who are engaged along with their advisor to understand the economic environment in which their portfolios exist.

– TIME: Like our ancestors, we believe in out running the predator over time. Everyone fancies a short-term success, but our clients are mostly in it for the long run.

Here is how you can start with the Financial Dashboard Plan:

Meeting 1

After a brief phone call to gather some basic information, we will follow up with a list of documentation that we would like to see at our first meeting at no cost to you. The first appointment focuses on getting acquainted with each other, going over your financial documents, and discussing your goals and objectives. We’ll show you how the Financial Dashboard Plan works and if you like our Plan, we will move forward with the next step.

Plan: We deliver the Financial Dashboard plan for your review and invite you for our second meeting to go over the results.

Meeting 2

Here we discuss the various options presented in the plan so we can come up with a strategy designed to best meet your retirement goals. We discuss your current portfolio, the economic environment, and go over our recommendations.

Meeting 3

This is where we implement the investment advice we gave you, if you so decide to complete the process and become our investment client. We’ll fill out some paperwork and discuss how we’ll implement your new investment portfolio, combined with any planning recommendations.

Ongoing services: We will be at your side to keep your planning up to date, provide timely education, and monitor your investments into the future.

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